Write a Killer Resume and Crack the Job Interview Intensive

(For Fresh Graduates) – Typically 2 Days, With Easy to Fit Schedule

Perception is reality. So an age-old adage goes. The words ring true with wisdom, especially in the corporate world.

At the end of the day, the entire foundation of your corporate career and professional success is built on how your resume looks and how your handle the interviews. Why leave the most the essential elements of your professional success to chance?

Your resume too can be a killer resume, no matter your educational background, your scholastic track record and your extra-curricular accomplishments. First section of this intensive workshop teaches you just that, and will equip you with specific pointers and customized guidance on improving your resume many times over. In a nutshell, building your own killer resume in a weekend.

Interviews, on the other hand, are a totally different animal. Every day is a new day, and every interview is different. Like a cricket game, there are uncertainties to be tamed and pressures to be handled. Like a game of chess, there are strategies and tactics at play with every question that comes at you. It takes more than just practice to succeed in interviews. It takes knowledge of what the interview panel is really looking for, and the ability to play the game in your own natural style. Without being a rote parrot or a scared rabbit. And definitely without being a bashful, boastful bull.

Second section of this intensive workshop will teach you to ace every interview with poise, grace and finesse. You will also have ample practice to hone your skills and practice what you learn before going out in the real world.

At Write a Killer Resume and Crack the Job Interview Intensive, you will learn:

  • The seven keys to a killer resume
  • How to make your resume stand out in thirty seconds, or less
  • What employers are really looking for in your resume
  • Overcoming biases and weak spots in your resume without concealing information and misrepresenting facts
  • Six ways to make your online resume as impressive as your offline one
  • The only question you need to prepare for to crack the job interview
  • Three strategies to keep your interview in your comfort zone
  • Five secrets of creating memorable first impressions
  • Overcoming knowledge bias and first impression bias
  • Seven step formula for being the best candidate of the day for your interview panel
  • Eleven resume and interview mistakes you are not even aware of that are seriously pulling you down – and keeping you behind

You will walk away with invaluable insights and pointed guidance on sharpening your resume and honing your interview skills.