Speak Without Fear

(For Fresh Graduates) – Typically 2 Days, With Easy to Fit Schedule

Speak Without Fear is India’s Greatest Presentation and Communication Skills workshop for new graduates. With a reason.

There are two key factors that determine your success in the corporate world. How far you go boils down to just two things – how effectively you talk with others and how well you can present your ideas to a group.

In this intensive workshop, you will start by learning the principles of effective communication. Then you will learn the secrets of great presentations. Once your foundations are solid, you will put what you learn into practice right away through a series of scenario and role-based conversations and presentations. You will also see yourself in action, and receive critique from our lead mentors and your peers with specific pointers on style changes and improvement opportunities.

You will analyze conversation conversation contexts, empathize with people, practice active listening, craft articulate storylines and model yourself along the lines of the world’s greatest communicators and presenters. You will become a better you when in comes to speaking and presenting. We’d be really surprised if those who know you the closest do not compliment you on the transformation.

Practice makes a man perfect – and so will it be for you. Less theory, more practice. Less jargon, more substance. These tenets make Speak Without Fear by far the most effective way of becoming a great communicator and a polished presenter.

Give us a weekend and we’ll teach you how to speak without fear. To anyone, about anything. What have you got to fear?

At Speak Without Fear, you will learn:

  • Three ways your mental blocks are holding you back, and how to over come
  • Seven elements of a good conversation
  • Five ways to make your presentation skills sharper
  • The secrets of talking to anyone about anything
  • Improving your language skills with predictable accuracy every day
  • Thinking in English
  • Eight common types of conversations your will get in every day, and how to prepare for them
  • Proven techniques to get rid of your fear factors , from body shakes and stammering – to sweating, shivering and blackouts
  • Twelve ways of becoming a master at the elements of a great presentation
  • Four strategies to make every conversation articulate and memorable