How to Find and Get a High Paying IT Job

(For Fresh Graduates) – Typically 2 Hours

Do you want to know the secrets of getting an amazingly awesome job out of college – or through campus placement? This is an event you cannot afford to miss.

In as much time as you would spend at a movie, you will learn the strategies and tactics you can readily use in landing that dream job out of campus. In this high energy event, you will uncover your real professional aspirations and overcome the negative forces that are holding you back. You will enhance your strengths, tame your weaknesses and align yourself to what the corporate world looks out for.

You will walk out of this workshop armed with secrets of professional success hardly anyone knows about – and you will start using them right away in your every day life leading up to a great campus job.

At How to Find and Get a High Paying IT Job, you will learn:

  • How to find out what your dream job looks like
  • Five homework strategies to identify and attract the right employer for you
  • What employers are really, really, really looking for
  • The three things you can do today to make yourself irresistibly attractive to employers
  • The six cardinal rules of positioning yourself in the job market