1. Who should attend proAccess intensive workshops?

proAccess intensive workshops are ideal for fresh graduates and students in the penultimate and final years of their graduation courses. proAccess workshops are ideally suited for students who want to get a head start in their professional and corporate careers.

2. What will I learn?

Every proAccess workshop is carefully designed to address a specific area of focus that leads to success in the corporate world. You will typically start for benchmarking your current level of proficiency in a specific area. You will then learn techniques and principles of professional success that have been tested in the real world. You will practice the techniques and principles to become conversant with them. You would be expected to continue practicing them every day till you get proficient. Finally, you will graduate from every proAccess workshop with a clear action plan that will put you on the path to professional success.

3. What are the enrollment fees?

proAccess workshops offer a tremendous value at a very reasonable price. We do not charge an arm and a leg, and every proAccess workshop is designed to be affordable to everyone. Please check with your mentor for workshop-specific enrollment fees. Discounts are always available for early registrations.

4. What course material will be provided in the fees?

Every participant is provided with comprehensive workshop material for every workshop. At times, our mentors will provide pointers to specific books that you might want to invest in after the workshop. This however is optional.

You will also receive weekly emails from your mentor with additional insights to accelerate your corporate success on an ongoing basis.

You can schedule appointments with your mentor for up to three months after your workshop for any followup questions or queries.

5. Are the workshop fees refundable?

No. Workshop fees are not refundable. Please attend the workshop you registered for on all scheduled workshop days.

6. I did not register for the event. Can I enroll directly at the venue?

Yes. You can register directly at the venue. However, you will not receive the early registration discount.

7. Can I recommend a workshop to my friends/colleagues? Are there any referral incentives?

Absolutely. In fact, we would love to be referred to your friends and colleagues. We are working on a referral program. Please reach out to your mentor for more details.