Accelerate Your Professional Success Intensive

(For Fresh Graduates) – Typically 2 Days, With Easy to Fit Schedule

This intensive workshop is your master key to getting a highly paid, amazingly awesome job right out of college – and one that you really like and are passionate about.

In this life – and career changing workshop, you will learn how to identify your own strengths, tame your weaknesses, eliminate biases and sharpen the specific skills that make a world of difference in the corporate world. You will create the best you that shines out with employers and what they are looking out for.

Accelerate Your Professional Success Intensive is not a classroom approach to professional success where you get by through rote memorization and cryptic theories. This is a hand-on approach to professional success where you are the in the center-stage bringing out the best in you and becoming the best you in the shortest amount of time.

You will learn to dramatically increase your skills and expertise in key areas that matter most when transitioning from the college world to the corporate world. You will practice and sharpen what you learn with loads of practice sessions, mock drills, role plays and live critiques.

By using these proven principles, techniques and strategies, you will walk out charged and confident of success in the corporate world.

In Accelerate Your Professional Success Intensive, you will learn:

  • The seven characteristics of professional success, and how to align yourself with them
  • Secrets of making memorable and charming first impressions, every time
  • Eleven ways of becoming an outstanding communicator
  • How to guard, manage and improve your reputation
  • Five techniques to crack any interview you face
  • The eight pillars of personal leadership skills that lead to professional success
  • Four ways to stay relevant in a constantly changing world
  • Secrets of eliminating negative prejudices, first impressions and biases
  • Six strategies to bring your strengths in bright spot-light, and camouflage your weak spots

You will walk away with a comprehensive action plan for the next twelve months for you to implement and work on.